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perience the pain

  12.9.19 10:51   perience the pain
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The shell endures tremendous pain, grinding an ordinary sand into a sinuous pearl; the small tree has been transformed into a towering tree after the baptism of wind and rain Online Cigarettes, no matter the nature or human society, countless examples prove that only the experience The tempering of life and the feeling of pain can make the glory of their lives. It feels sensation, and the small body is surging with an energy, pulling it forward. When its life is going to make a qualitative leap, this narrow hole will undoubtedly become a "ghost door", and this "ghost door" is the key to helping the growth of the two wings of the emperor moth larvae, the moment of crossing, through the squeeze The blood can be smoothly sent to the tissues of the flaps. Only the two wings are congested, and the emperor moth can fly high. When it is squeezed hard, how much pain it endures, so it can be called "the emperor moth." The emperor moth experienced the painful taste and was able to fly. Imagine if it didn't break through the hole, then it might die and not feel the feeling of flying. The life of the emperor moth is wonderful. Yimihua has been baptized by the scorching sun and beautiful flowers. On the Gobi Desert in Africa, there is a small flower called yimi, which has been endured for six years and has only blossomed for two days. After two days, the flowers and stems withered and withered, the fragrance disappeared. On the Gobi Desert, the climate is dry and the land is poor, and this small flower has only one stem to absorb water. In the six years, the hot sun burned it, and the wind and sand ravaged it, but Yimi was not discouraged. It silently endures the pain and grows silently. It knows that one day, the roots must reach a certain level, and they will bloom beautiful flowers. Yimihua experienced the painful taste and bloomed beautiful flowers. Imagine that if it has not been baptized by the scorching sun and sand mokingusacigarettes.com, it will not produce amazing flowers. The life of Emi is a splendid Hawking experience of pain and become the "king of the universe" who dominates his own destiny. The scientist, Hawking, was accompanied by misfortune in his life. He endured the pain brought by the disease and entered the temple of knowledge. He is all over his body Cigarettes For Sale, only the brain can think, his fingers can move, he uses his finger to hit the keyboard instead of talking. "I am unfortunate and happy at the same time! Because I still have relatives and friends, I feel very lucky. His body was weakly huddled in a wheelchair, but his thoughts were flying in the deepest part of the universe, crossing time and space, pursuing the end of the universe, and exploring the secrets of the universe. Imagine that if he can't stand the pain, he can't publish the theory that shocked the world. He won't have the great achievements of today. One writer once said: "There is no baptism of fire and heat. There is no sand and stone. You simply don't I will understand life." Yes, without tempering, without feeling the pain, you will not understand the meaning of life. So let us learn to endure the pain and experience the painful taste
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